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News - August 31, 2017

Testimonies at ‘the Pool of Bethesda’

Prophet Fufeyin in one of the healing sessions.

Testimonies will surely follow those who heed the instructions of God. This best confirms the scourge of testimonies that follow the set man of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, aka Arena of Solution and Power, because he heeded the instruction God and today the name of the lord is being glorified because of that action.

As recorded in John 5: 1-5, the Pool of Bethesda, a pool of water in Jerusalem near the sheep market, was historically associated with miraculous healing by those who were privileged to jump into it whenever the pool was stirred. A man said to be paralysed for 38 years, was miraculously healed when he encountered Jesus.

A replica of the biblical Pool of Bethesda has been dug at the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, following divine instruction. And the pool boasts of such healing powers like the biblical Bethesda pool of old.

General Overseer of the ministry, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, said the instruction to dig the pool came from God. He said he was sent to win souls for Christ and to liberate the children of God from any form of captivity by teaching the word of God.

“God commanded me to tell His children that the pool water of Bethesda they have been reading about in the Bible still exists. God started the project and completed it. What was happening in the days of old when angels of God stirred the water for purification and sanctification is exactly what is happening here today at the Pool of Bethesda in Mercy City.

“Anyone who drinks from the water with faith will automatically receive instant healings, no matter how severe the sickness or problems are. It’s only God that can do it, not man,” Prophet Fufeyin said.

Some of the testifiers to the potency of  the Pool of Bethesda in Mercy City are;

Mr and Mrs Daniel Simeon said: “My wife returned with three apples from Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry which was washed with the water from the pool of Bethesda as instructed by Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin. Now my wife is pregnant, Halleluyah”.

Mr Francis Owotore said he got healed of high-blood pressure by applying the Pool of Bethesda water on his body.

For Mr Ebi-Ere, he used the water from the Pool of Bethesda, the continuous bleeding he had suffered for over seven years ceased permanently.

On his part, Mr Jubril Idris, an Abuja-based banker, said he was healed of plural effusion, a condition that causes overflow of water in the chest. According to him, after using the water from the Pool of Bethesda, he received healing instantly.

Donald, a young man from Rivers State was healed of a spinal cord attack, which occurred three months after his wedding. He said he got his healing by using the Pool of Bethesda water.

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