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News - March 31, 2024

SCOAN ends 3-day revival and restoration program

Pastor Evelyn TB Joshua leading the SCOAN congregation.

A three-day spiritual revival for Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) members ended at the weekend with crowd of members across Nigeria converging at its Prayer Mountain located at Agodo, Egbe Ikotun in Lagos.

Though meant primarily for Nigerian audience, crowd of foreign visitors still besieged the Mountain in somber penitence of faith and high expectations.
The intensive program which also ran through the nights was of marathon prayers and fasting as directed by the Holy Spirit for those who have the grace to participate.

For the three days, the SCOAN Prayer Mountain was turned into a “Wailing Wall” reminiscence of the “Waling Wall” in Jerusalem where faithful adherents pay 24/7 to God.

Thousands of worshippers in enthusiasm, ecstasy, walking, crying, rolling, and moving around in different ways of the spiritual resort as conducive for individual’s ability to pour out their hearts and supplications to God in a serene, cool, composed, calm and collected atmospheric conditions where nature and the spirit of man comingle.

SCOAN’s leader, Pastor Evelyn Joshua in welcoming and congratulating the participants stated tersely: “we are not in this Mountain on our own, we are here today and for the three days at God’s command for our revival. Heaven is aware that you are here and because the heaven is aware of your presence, your case is settled. This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. His word says ‘come’ and you have come. We are therefore here to fulfill all righteousness, it’s done”!

The program was not without moments of singing and dancing daily to praise, thank and glorify the name of the Lord. Several people also received deliverance, healing with outstanding testimonies.

The event also witnessed an enduring biblical interactive rigorous teaching with the theme: OBEDIENCE TO GOD in which the biblical prophet Jonah was thoroughly dissected for worshippers to learn that God’s will is adamantine;  you must unconditionally be obedience to God’s instructions because you cannot hide from Him.

The revival which also brings restoration was a huge success as people joyously in high spirits filed out of the Mountain singing and praising God for His great and marvelous deeds in their lives.

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