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Interview/Opinion - July 14, 2017

In the next three years God will do awesome wonders – Prophet Fufeyin

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, is the General Overseer, Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta State with a unique pedigree. He has neither a mentor nor godfather, as is common with most Charismatic pastors. Like Prophet Jeremiah in the bible, he was anointed right from his mother’s womb, and hence began his prophetic ministry from the early age of 10. Born February 1972 into the families of late Pa Livingson Stevenson Toboukeyei Fufeyin of Ofonibide in Eguomo and Okosuzimo quarters in Ojogbo, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta state, his mother, Mrs Asetu Fufeyin, is from Asetu families of Medetu in Gbengbai quarters of Aleibiri in Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. In this exclusive interview with THERESA MOSES, the fire-brand minister speaks about his calling, uniqueness, vision, challenges and more. Excerpt.

How did you start your ministry?

I started as a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry (MFM), Enere junction, Effurrun, Warri, Delta State. Then I later joined the Prayer warrior/Intercessory Department. Within a period of one year, God used me mightily. I am from a Catholic background, it was my father that brought and built a Roman Catholic Church in my village, Ojogbo. In 2011, a year after I joined MFM, I was told my service for God was no longer needed in the church. I was driven out of the church. I left and started a House Fellowship with two persons. As God will have it, miracles started taking place, and members began to increase. From morning devotions, God manifested himself and lives were touched, healing and prophecy too were not left out. Before the local council polls, I prophesied that a particular candidate for local government chairman of Burutu will win the election, and he won. From there, I was able to get a place in West-end, Warri, Delta State. After a few months, it became too small and we moved to Refinery Road. On April 3, 2014 we moved to Mercyland City at Kilometre 5, Sapele-Benin Road. It has not been an easy journey, but it’s the Lord’s doing.

Where do you see your ministry in the next five years?

My vision is 2020, five years is too far. In three years, you will see wonders of God. The ministry is six years and God has taken us thus far. I believe in the next three years, God will do awesome wonders here that will surprise so many people.

What is your calling?

The name of my ministry is Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry. Christ is a man who has compassion, shows love and humility. My calling is not only deliverance, but includes teaching the word of God, prophecy, impacting lives, healings, and more.

When did you discover your calling?

I have been prophesying at a very tender age. At age 10, I prophesied to my mother. She was a trader that sells provisions. I told her that she wasn’t going to make any sale one particular day, as she was preparing to go to the market. It eventually came to pass. When Mama came back, she beat me up and called me a wizard. Four days later, Mama was preparing to go to the market to sell her goods, and I prophesied again that her canoe will capsize. She threatened to deal with me if such should happen. Mama left, lo and behold, her canoe capsized. A boat by name OTS passed by and the waves capsized Mama’scanoe.  On arrival, Mama said it wasn’t the waves of the OTS boat, but me. She beat me up mercilessly and took me to my father, telling him I was a wizard. My father asked her if she was a witch, that only a witch can identify a wizard. After serious argument between Mama and dad, Mama took me home and promised to starve me to death. She did, but after a while, she gave me food to eat.  Few days later, I told mama that God want to compensate her for the losses. I told her God revealed to me and I saw fishes in a pond. She quickly said she had sent someone to check her pond for her and was told nothing yet. I told her it wasn’t her pond, but close by. She held my hands, took five basins/ buckets and a cane, in case it’s a lie; after all nobody will come to my rescue in the bush. We got there, but didn’t see anything, Mama started flogging me, and I told her to wait that’s its in the front. When we moved forward, we saw the place filled with big cat-fish. Mama was so excited. We filled all the five basins we brought. When we got to the village, Mama told people about the pond of many fishes. When the villagers got there, there were no more fishes; it became a dry land. When mama went to the market to sell the fish, she made profit four times double of the loss she had. Few days later, Mama woke me up one night and begged me not to kill her. She said my wizardry can kill, destroy, and bless. But pleaded with me to protect my siblings with my witchcraft. She begged me that night to forgive her in any way she had offended me. I told her that I was not a wizard. The grace of God has been upon me, but no way to discover myself and manifest. My mother told me that I have been prophesying to her even in the womb.

Who’s your spiritual father or mentor?

I don’t have a spiritual father. Why, I don’t have a spiritual father is because no man laid hands on my head or anointed me. Right from my mother’s womb, God has anointed me to be a prophet. Let me ask you: Who is the spiritual father of John the Baptist? Who is the spiritual father of Jesus Christ? Who is the spiritual father of Samuel? Who is the spiritual father of David? I hope you understand what I mean by I don’t have a mentor or spiritual father but God.

What has been your major challenge so far?

The only challenge I have is my workers. My workers are from different ethnic groups, different family background and lineages. I have over 2,000 workers; but more than 800 are on pay roll. The rest are voluntary workers and partners of the ministry. The speed of my calling is not what we are thinking, its beyond imagination. If not for God and His grace upon me, we won’t have gotten this far. I know that very soon we will move beyond this level. That is why we are trying to advance and move forward. We train our workers in terms of human relationship with members and new comers, which is key to us. We cherish our members and everyone in the ministry.

What is your relationship with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN)?

I am for everybody. I don’t discriminate nor criticise other ministers of the gospel. Any Pentecostal church that invites me, I go. I am always available to everyone, including Christians of other denomination. I also invite other ministers of God from other denominations to come and minister in my church too.


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