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Brands - December 31, 2018

Poll reveals Facebook as least-trusted tech outfit

A new poll has revealed social media giant, Facebook as the least-trusted technology company, Media Post has said.

The poll by Toluna according to the platform did not come to many by surprise.

The December research found that 40% trust Facebook least with their personal information, according to reports. Next — tied for second with 8% apiece — are Twitter and Amazon.

Facebook faces the double burdens of a massive data breach and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, accompanied by a wave of bad publicity. Its CEO Mark Zuckerberg has faced hostile questioning in Congress. Other companies have also had privacy ripples.

Uber is cited by 7%, and Google, parent of Gmail, is cited by 6%. Tied with Google is Lyft.

Apple is distrusted by 4%, while Microsoft is rated as least trustworthy by only 2%.

Netflix and Tesla each hit the bottom with 1%. The former Oath — parent brand of Yahoo Mail and AOL — is not even on the list.

Toluna surveyed 1,000 consumers.

Media Post

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