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International - July 15, 2017

Pathologist says teen allegedly killed by cops shot four times

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A forensic pathologist Friday testified that the teenager who was killed during a joint police/military operation in Whitfield Town, St Andrew, in 2007, was shot four times and that three of the wounds were fatal.

18-year-old Ravin Thompson, was shot and killed in July 2007 during what was reported by the police as a confrontation between the security forces and gunmen at his gate on Alexander Road.

Former police constable Mark Russell is being tried for Thompson’s murder.

Three Jamaica Defence Force officers had testified at the trial in the Home Circuit Court that two police officers, including Russell, had taken the injured teen from the jeep while on their way to hospital and that Russell had placed a weapon in Thompson’s hand before shooting him.

However, while the soldiers could not say whether the teen was dead or alive, his aunt had testified that he was alive when he was in the jeep and that he had spoken to her and had assured her that he would be okay before she was dragged from the vehicle.

She also testified that she had only seen one gunshot wound to his chest.

However, Dr S N Prasad Kadiyala told the court yesterday that while he could not say where the teen was when he received the shots or if he had, in fact, left Alexander Road with only one gunshot wound, Thompson had a wound to the left side of his face, chin, chest, and forearm.

Russell, who was extradited after fleeing to the United States before he was charged in 2012, was remanded and will return to court on Monday when the trial resumes.

He was charged with ex-policeman Morris Lee, who is still on the run.

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