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Business - February 27, 2017

OAS resumes operations

OAS Helicopters

There are indications that the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) may have resolved issues with Odengene Air Shuttle (OAS Helicopters) which it sealed off last weekend over alleged indebtedness.

AMCON, it was gathered, had removed its seal and marks on the company’s property following the resolution of the issue.

Daily Trust reported that after the company was sealed, the management met with AMCON where the issues were resolved amicably while the helicopter company has since resumed operations.

Sources, according to the paper, said OAS has unfolded a business programme that impressed AMCON.

The CEO of OAS, Captain Evarest Nnaji, confirmed the resolution of issues with AMCON in a telephone interview.

He also noted that the company’s flight activities were at no time interrupted, not even during the period it was negotiating with AMCON and commended the willingness of both sides to reach an amicable settlement.

“AMCON was purely professional in the negotiation and we, as a law abiding organisation, are ever eager to abide by the rule of the law, so our flights were never hindered one bit. I wish to let you know that the matter has been amicably resolved,” he said.

AMCON spokesman, Mr. Jude Nwauzor, also confirmed the resolution discussion between OAS and AMCON, saying the corporation was also interested in helping businesses and not killing them.

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