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News - June 19, 2023

Nigeria is in dire need of healing says cleric

Pst Uche Uduji.

A cleric, Pastor Uche Uduji has said the country is in a pitiable state hence in a dire need of healing.

Uduji, who is the senior pastor of The Glow Christian Church, Lagos, said a combined factor of corruption, tribalism and nepotism witnessed in Nigeria and exhibited especially by the country’s leaders have helped to fuel the current state.

According to him, for the country to be restored to its former glory there has to be a total re-orientation by all Nigerians, the followers and leaders alike.

Speaking in an interview with Espinews, the cleric said some of the indicators that give the average Nigerian hope for the country have been rubbished by corruption which unfortunately, the past administration despite all its promises failed to eradicate it.

“From all indication, the average Nigerian seem to have lost interest in the country, will you blame them when so much corruption is brandished on their faces. Corruption has taken the better part of the country, tribalism and nepotism have all helped to make the country a failed state,” he said.

Asked why the desired change has eluded the country despite the religious nature of Nigerians, Pastor Uduji said prayer was not enough, as prayers without action will not give the desired result.

“As a Christian, I believe in prayer. But, I also know that praying without taking corresponding action will end in futility. If our leaders are desirous of true change then there has to be a conscious and deliberate action to achieve it and not favouring one tribe against another knowing that we are all stakeholders in the Nigerian project,” he noted.

According to him, there has to be a proper orientation for all Nigerians, firstly to stand for what is right always and go scared in the face of injustice noting that, “we are so tribalized that it hurt our sense of reasoning, against collective interest,” he posited.

He also said that the leadership of the country for a long time has been recycled among the same set of people even as he opined that the stage should be vacated for younger generation to assume leadership as the future belongs to the youth.

“Unfortunately, the leaders we have are all recycled. My advice to them is to quit the stage and allow the younger generation to take charge and rule the land. These set of people have stayed too long in the saddle,” he pointed.

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