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Business - March 14, 2019

The LPG West Africa Forum 2019 will give participants value for money- Modion Communications boss

Odion Aleobuah, CEO, Modion Communications.

The Chief Executive Officer of Modion Communications, Odion Aleobua has said that participants in this year’s LPG West Africa Forum will get value for money.

Odion whose Public Relations firm is partnering a Singaporean organisation, Gas Academy PTE to the stage the summit in Lagos told Amechi Obiakpu in this interview that, the event will expose participants to a lot of information about the Liquefied Petroleum and Gas industry in particular and the oil industry in general. Excerpts:

Tell us about the Liquefied Petroleum and Gas (LPG) West Africa Seminar and Exhibition 2019 that you are handling.

This is the first in West Africa and we are partnering with a Singaporean firm, Gas Academy, they will be bringing international players to meet with the West African players.

Basically, what value is Modion Communications bringing into this seminar?

We are providing visibility, pushing participation and Marketing Communications.

Why do you think Modion Communications is the best outfit to provide these offerings?

Gas Academy were in Abuja last year where they saw us organised a 3-day international conference. So it’s a fall out of that conference that sparked a conversation and now a partnership.

The participants you are hoping to attract to the event, what should they expect?

So, Gas Academy has been organising this kind of event across far-east Asia- they have done Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia market within that zone. They are also planning to go to China- so they have a huge access to international players in the LPG business that have indicated interest to play in the West Africa forum so it is a huge opportunity for Nigeria to connect, it is a huge opportunity for them to see those kind of international players that naturally they would have been seeking to collaborate with.

Target audience?

It is the Oil and Gas, those who feel they have strong investment in the LPG and there is a huge demand for LPG as substitute for firewood in Nigeria. Nigeria has a huge resource in gas but we are one of the least utilising country even in West Africa. We are very rich in terms of natural resources but our utilisation level is very low. So, you still see people cooking with fire wood which is not healthy. The FG is turning that tide and the attention to LPG will be seen in the next and especially in this dispensation. And so, this is the right time to drive this conversation than now.

At a time where we are talking diversification of the economy from oil, is this a best time to drive this conversation. Why do you think this is relevant now?

Gas is actually the future not even oil. We have more gas than crude oil, so gas is cleaner, gas is renewable, gas is safe to use and its also not a pollutant of the atmosphere- it is an environment friendly frail. So, moving towards the use of gas is part of the environmentalist direction which is the right direction.

But, the seminar is more like putting data together…

So, usually when you come up with this kind of event, that is why I said they have a huge access where they are coming from, bringing the key decision makers into one place is an opportunity to harvest data. That is also one of the thing the event is hoping to achieve.

Is it safe to say your client base is targeted because a sizeable number are from the oil and gas sector.

Yes, it is a bit relevant because what we have was a conference on oil and gas and this conference is for oil and gas players. And they know our understanding of the market and the players in the sector.

How do you pick clients you work with?

Most clients actually come to us as referrals and some have actually seen what we have done.

What should we expect since the event is coming to Nigeria for the first time?

Firstly, we have done event like this before in Nigeria and now we are working with a foreign organisation to do a similar thing in Nigeria so, definitely excellent event, well runned event. We also expect that everyone who will be there will get value for money because you will be meeting people that naturally you have quest to meet with and also will be getting serious discussion and the right kind of people to lead the discussion. We have already got confirmed speakers to discuss issues within that space also not forgetting the opportunity to walk away with networking opportunities and getting answers from experts on issues that bother around the value chain in that sector.

The event is scheduled to hold at the Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos from Tuesday, April 9, to Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

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