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Entertainment - August 2, 2023

Interswitch returns with One Africa Music in UK


The highly anticipated music fiesta, Interswitch One Africa Music Fest (IOAMF) is returning to three cities in the United Kingdom in August 2023.

The Interswitch One Africa Music Fest is a unique celebration of African music.

Proudly sponsored by Quickteller, Interswitch Group’s leading digital payments platform, the annual festival celebrates Africa’s rich and vibrant music scene, showcasing the continent’s immense talent and creativity.

Since its inception, IOAMF has evolved into a beacon of African music, drawing artists from across the continent and around the world through the universal language of music. It serves as a powerful platform for showcasing the diverse sounds, rhythms, and cultural expressions that define the African music landscape.

The UK is known for its thriving music scene and as a melting pot of cultures and influences from around the world. As African music continues to captivate listeners worldwide, Manchester, Birmingham, and London, the three cities where the festival will take place, and which are arguably some of the UK’S most multicultural cities, serve as the perfect stage to strengthen the connection between Africa and the global music industry.

Organizer say IOAMF will feature a stellar lineup of established and emerging artists who are at the forefront of African music; from Afrobeat and highlife to Afro-pop and Afro-soul, the festival will showcase a diverse range of genres that reflect the continent’s rich musical tapestry. Prepare to be enthralled by the infectious rhythms and captivating performances of beloved African artists, as well as international guests who have been inspired by the continent’s musical heritage.

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