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Interview - February 7, 2017

FG charged to support business owners

Pastor Uche Uduji

Chairman of Mcbright Schools, Pastor Uche Uduji, has charged the federal government to set aside dedicated funds to support businesses, as a way of encouraging growth and development in the country.

He said that economic growth can truly be appreciated if investments in the country thrive and that the present condition is not helping businesses to grow.

Uduji, who is also the senior pastor of Christway Assembly, in an interview with Espi News in Lagos said: “Government has to create an environment that encourages business owners rather than discourages them.”

“The business climate in the country is highly challenging and the infrastructures to boost the businesses are not there. There are the challenges of power, poor road network, inaccessibility to loan and unfavourable investment climate.”

The clergy said the galloping rise of the Dollar is killing some businesses in Nigeria and that the government should everything within its power to strengthen the naira.

“Some time ago, I brought in some goods into the country to sell after working out the landing cost and making those sales, the next day I went to buy dollar and was shocked at the rate it had appreciated to, making the business very expensive to continue, because it would be too difficult to sell considering the landing cost. I decided to put the business on halt,” he said.

He advised business owners to make informed decision when undertaking any investment. According to him, now is not the time to “test any water”.

“Business owners have to study the society and be at breast with the happening so that one does not make blind investment.

“Now, is not the time to make wrong calculations, investors should sleep over every investment proposals before taking action which will eventually pay off. Gone are the days of throwing away resources,” he noted

Pastor Uduji however gave kudos to the government for the growth in the telecommunications sector even as he said more is still needed to be done to reduce the high tariff.

“I see some improvement in the telecoms sector because of the accessibility of phones which has in itself made some Nigerians to be business owners in their right,” he said adding that “more is still needed to be done to reduce call and data tariff.”

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