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Brands - October 10, 2018

Digital Video Ad Spend projected to Spike 30%

Digital video advertising spending will continue to hit sharp gains — rising nearly 30% to $27.82 billion this year, according to eMarketer.

Total digital video ad spending — which includes social platforms  — will make up 25% of all U.S. digital ad spending.

Facebook will command an industry-leading $6.81 billion (including Instagram) — a 24.5% share of all video ad spending in the U.S. eMarketer expects double-digit percentage growth for the social media platform through 2020.

Video ad spend is 30% of Facebook’s total revenue. Facebook controls nearly 87% of U.S. social network video ad spending.

YouTube will earn $3.36 billion — 11% of total U.S. digital video spend. YouTube will be up 17.1% over last year. YouTube gets 73% of its ad revenues from video in the U.S.

Twitter will rise 12% to $633.3 million,  a 2.3% share of total video spending; some 55% of its total U.S. ad revenues from video in 2018. Twitter earns an 8.1% share of U.S. social video ad spending.

Snapchat’s U.S. video ad spend will rise 19% to $397.3 million this year — a 1.4% share. eMarketer says video ad spend at Snapchat is projected to be 60% of Snapchat’s U.S. ad business.

Snapchat’s share of social video spending is projected to be 5.1% this year.

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