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IT/Telecom - January 23, 2019

Trends that change the concept of tourism

Virtual reality, augmented reality and geolocation (through beacons), stand as the main players in the tourist sector. They contribute to improving services, improving the customer experience and enhancing personalised and proximity marketing.

In the pre-travel stage, travel agencies offer virtual reality glasses to view thousands of images and videos of places, hotels, cruises … with such realism that it seems that you are in your own hotel room, walking along unending beaches or lying in a hammock on a cruise. At the same time, artificial intelligence personalises the user experience thanks to conversation models in the purchase, differentiated by consumer profiles, with the aim of influencing them emotionally.

During the trip, the geolocation forwards personalised information and services of the hotel through messages on the mobile, even before the traveller gets there; and the technology of chatbots.

These and more are some of the information organisers of this year’s Tourism and Technology Hackathon Summit will be unfolding at the seminar in May.

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