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Business - March 11, 2019

LPG West Africa 2019 Forum & Exhibition: Modion Communications courts stakeholders with unforgettable experience

Odion Aleobua, CEO, Modion Communications.

By Amechi Obiakpu

Stakeholders in the Liquefied Petroleum and Gas (LPG) sector in particular, and the oil and gas industry at large, have been assured of an unforgettable experience at this year’s LPG West Africa 2019 Forum & Exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria.

The forum, which is the first in West Africa, is organised by Gas Academy PTE based in Singapore in partnership with Modion Communications, one of the fast growing Public Relations firm in Nigeria, and is expected to pull international players from the LPG market and create opportunities for Nigeria and other players to connect to the huge resources in the value chain.

In an interview with Espi News on Friday in Lagos, Odion Aleobua, Chief Executive Officer, Modion Communications, said, the 2-day event will leave participants with memorable experience that will linger for a long time.

“Gas Academy has been organising this kind of event across far-east Asia- they have successfully done Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar. They are also planning to go to China- so they have a huge access to international players in the LPG business that have indicated interest to play in the West Africa forum, hence it is a huge opportunity for Nigeria to connect. It is a huge opportunity for them to meet the quality of international players that they have been yearning to collaborate with”.

Continuing he said: “There is a huge demand for LPG as substitute for firewood in Nigeria. Nigeria has huge resources in gas but we are one of the least utilising countries even in West Africa. We are very rich in terms of natural resources but our utilisation is very low. With Nigeria’s huge gas endowment, it is sad to still see citizens cooking with fire wood which is unhealthy. The federal government is turning that tide and the attention to LPG will be seen in the next and especially in this dispensation. And so, there is no better time to drive this conversation than now”.

“Modion Communications is providing visibility, pushing participation and marketing communications support for the event. Participants from Gas Academy were in Abuja last year where they saw us organise a 3-day international conference. So it’s a fall out of that conference that sparked a conversation and now a partnership.

Asked if the forum would stimulate the right kind of response, considering the clamour in the country, for economic diversification from crude oil, he retorted: “Gas is actually the future not even oil. We have more gas than we do crude oil; it is cleaner, enviroment-friendly, safe and very avoidable. So, moving towards the use of gas is part of the environmentalist’s direction for a cleaner and healthier quality of living.

“Firstly, we have done event like this before in Nigeria and now we are working with a foreign organisation to do a similar thing in Nigeria so, definitely people should expect an excellent event, a well-run event. We also expect that everyone who will be there will get value for money because you will be meeting people that naturally you had desired to meet with and also will be getting serious discussion and the right kind of people to lead the discussion. We have already got confirmed speakers to discuss issues within that space also not forgetting the opportunity for networking opportunities and getting answers from experts on issues that bother around the value chain in that sector.

“Usually, when you come up with this kind of event, that is why I said they have a huge access where they are coming from, bringing the key decision makers into one place is an opportunity to harvest data. That is also one of the areas the event is hoping to achieve,” he noted.

The LPG West Africa 2019 Forum and Exhibition, which has the endorsement of the World LPG Association (WLPGA) is tagged, ‘Building LPG Businesses in West Africa’.

It is scheduled to hold at the Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos from Tuesday, April 9, to Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

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