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News - January 27, 2018

Report linking me as Third Force financial untrue- Aiteo Group boss

Mr. Benedict Peters, Aiteo Group boss.

Aiteo Group boss, Benedict Peters has denied a report linking him as the financial of Third Force, a presumed political movement.

The report alleged that Mr. Peters, a billionaire business mogul is a financial of the group.

But Benedict Peters, who is the Executive vice-chairman of Aiteo Group, who described the report as fake news aimed at maligning his name.

He said this, while reacting to the report in a statement.

“My attention has been drawn to a tweet in which I was mentioned as the major financier to a political movement or organization, presumably not even in existence, called the Third Force.

“For the records, I wish to state, categorically and unequivocally, that I am not a financier of the said organisation or any socio-political partisan association or political party in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.  As an International businessman of repute, I have deliberately kept away from politics preferring, instead, to focus and give my all to the development of my business interests across the African continent.

The Aiteo boss who attributed the publication to his detractors said neither him, his immediate family or companies in which he has interests would embark on the sponsorship of a movement which is unknown to them.

“This would be crass, irresponsible and inconsistent with the commercial prudence that a businessman of my accomplishment would consider.

“To, therefore, name me as a financier of such a venture is not only vile and callous, it is insensitive and inconsiderate.”

The group, according to the report is equally linked to the former president Olusegun Obasonjo.

“For the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever, I also confirm, categorically, that the former president has, on no occasion, discussed or mentioned any such plan or intention to me. This situation very pointedly affirms the irrationality and farcicality of the allegations as a whole.

“As unconvincing and implausible as these allegations are, I am constrained to take steps to address these unbridled excesses as a means of protecting my family, my business and I from these unwarranted personal attacks.

He said his lawyers have been instructed to immediately take steps to obtain a retraction by those behind the publication, “in the absence of which they are to take all steps available to provide me with protection, remedy and relief”.

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