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IT/Telecom - November 18, 2023

Jumia’s Strategic Pivot: Lowest Losses Since IPO, GMV Growth in Physical Goods across Five Countries in Q3 2023


Jumia Technologies AG, a leading Pan-African e-commerce company, continues its journey towards financial resilience and sustained growth, reporting its lowest Adjusted EBITDA losses since its IPO in 2019. The company’s relentless focus on strategic growth initiatives has yielded promising results, evident in the Q3 2023 earnings report.

Under the stewardship of Group CEO Francis Dufay, Jumia’s commitment to a transformative blueprint initiated in Q4 2022 has proven pivotal. Notably, the quarter showcased substantial advancements across key metrics.

Reduced Losses and Enhanced Value Proposition: The resolute focus on core categories—Phones, Electronics, Home & Living, Fashion, and Beauty—has yielded tangible improvements. Jumia’s emphasis on tailoring offerings to meet customer needs in these key markets has notably enhanced repurchase rates among new customers. Additionally, there’s a discernible uptick in the average order value (AOV) for physical goods, signaling an evolving customer engagement strategy that resonates with the market’s demands. This strategic pivot, evident in the considerable 74% year-over-year reduction in Sales and Advertising expenses, amounting to $4.3 million, aligns with the company’s pursuit of creating a stronger value proposition. Furthermore, the 67% year-over-year decrease in Adjusted EBITDA loss, reaching $14.9 million, stands as a testament to Jumia’s concerted efforts toward profitability.

GMV Growth and Core Business Focus: The most significant highlight of Q3 2023, according to CEO Francis Dufay, is the encouraging growth in GMV of physical goods across five countries. This growth reflects a pivot towards more efficient economics and sustained growth, aligning with Jumia’s core business strategy.

Strategic Partnerships: Dufay’s emphasis on partnerships, notably with Starlink, highlights Jumia’s intent to diversify its product range and supply offerings. The collaboration aims to enhance Jumia’s assortment, catering to evolving consumer demands. The imminent distribution of Starlink’s residential kits in Nigeria signifies a promising partnership that could shape Jumia’s future offerings and market positioning across Africa.

Operational Efficiency and Upcountry Expansion: Jumia’s relentless pursuit of operational efficiency has been underscored by a remarkable achievement—a Fulfillment expense per order reaching $2.1, marking a significant 26% year-over-year reduction. Notably, these efficiencies have been realized concurrently with the company’s strategic expansion into secondary cities across Africa, emphasizing the commitment to reach underserved regions.

Streamlined Operations and Fiscal Discipline: The company’s steadfast commitment to operational streamlining and fiscal prudence has resulted in a leaner organizational structure. A 43% year-over-year decrease in G&A expenditures, excluding SBC, totaling $15.9 million, is indicative of this leaner operational paradigm—a result of rightsizing efforts earlier in the year. Jumia’s liquidity position, at $147.4 million, demonstrates effective cash management with a noteworthy decrease of $19.0 million, down by 71% year-over-year. This disciplined approach underscores the company’s concerted focus on judicious resource allocation and financial stewardship.

Jumia’s Q3 2023 performance not only indicates improved financials but also reaffirms its commitment to sustainable growth strategies. The company’s continued focus on core categories and operational efficiency positions it favorably for long-term success in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

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