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News - May 14, 2019

Imumolen calls for more social entrepreneurs in the country

Dr. Christopher Imumolen, President, Unic Foundation.

By Amechi Obiakpu

President of Unic Foundation, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Dr. Christopher Imumolen has called for more social entrepreneurs in the country. Imumolen said the call became imperative because of the poverty rate in the country and the need for government to do more to tackle the economic challenges facing Nigeria.

Dr. Imumolen made the call last Friday in a press conference in Lagos, with the theme: “Tackling the Economic Downturn in Nigeria- The role of the Federal Government and Unic Foundation in reviving the economy”. He said, the country needs to build more social entrepreneurs, people who find gain in building people. And, for that to happen he said, “The Federal Government has to step up to its social welfare role to her citizens”.

“Majority of businesses in Nigeria don’t go past two years as a result of various factors. Hence, people need to be taught entrepreneurial skills to reduce the burden of placing their hopes on the government for job creation.

“While, we commend the government for taking us out of recession technically, they need to be advised that when entrepreneurs create social amenities they should be given tax wavers as compensation, which is what obtains in countries like Rwanda and Malaysia among others.

“People who use generators to run their businesses should be given tax incentives because government is supposed to provide power though we know that power sector has been privatised,” he said.

On the role of Unic Foundation to nation building, the dark complexion administrator said the foundation was set up because of the deficiency in employment and empowerment.

He said the foundation came up with a model which creates platform for people to learn and be empowered financially. He observed that, with the support of its partners, Unic Foundation has given out grants between N200,000 and N500,000 to about 500 people within two months nationwide with the target of supporting one million people in the nearest months.

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