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News - February 7, 2018

We exist to touch lives- God Bless Nigeria Church

Pastor Steve Nduka.

Pastor Steve Nduka of God Bless Nigeria Church has said that the church, exist for the purpose of transforming lives and winning souls for Christ.

The cleric made the statement Sunday in a chat with Espi News, after its worship service at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) centre in Lagos.

The service witnessed a beehive of people, among which are people from poor background and children. They were afterward fed and had some of their material needs met, courtesy of the church.

It was revealed that, the church which is an offshoot of This Present House, spends N600, 000 each Sunday on needy on an offering of about N15, 000.

“For us, the idea is to reach the unreached and what we call the ‘un-church’, Nduka said.

“The passion is exhibiting the nature of God and having compassion for people especially the poor, which is what Christ would do,” he said.

The cleric averred that, the church which is in its eleventh year carters for the needy through its non-governmental Organisations, ‘Freedom Foundation,’ and ‘House of Refuge’.

“We go to places people call the dark spots and in other cases the hotels to get these people including the homeless who then go through a process of reformation under the guidance of the church.”

Asked how sustainable the project is, considering the amount involve in the rehabilitation process, Pastor Nduka said the project is being funded by members of the church.

“As a pastor I work and have friends and other ministry who like what we are doing and tend to support our work.

“We have people who are contributing through diverse means; some contribute their time, money and other resources.

“This, for us is to demonstrate the love of Christ,” he said.

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