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News - February 5, 2020

The Whole Bible in 6 days: It is an instruction from God- Organisers


By Amechi Obiakpu

Organiers of the ‘Live Bible reading,’ an adventure aimed at reading the bible in six days via live transmission on Facebook and other social media platforms, has said the instruction is from God.

Co-ordinator of the event, Femi Abati, said in an interview that, in life one of the ways to take away the bad thing is to introduce a good one that according to him is what the adventure hope to portray.

Abati, a pastor and school administrator said the project which started Monday February 3 at 7am, will end Saturday 8. He observed that the essence is to read the bible from cover to cover for six days with the event being transmitted via his social media platforms for the audience to follow.

According to him, one of the essence is to follow God’s instruction which is modelled after the creation story where God created the earth for six days and rested.

“Reading the bible from cover to cover does not make anybody go to heaven or become a saint but the revelation according to Luke 4:16-17, states even Jesus went to the Synagogue to read. There is no way one will know what he has not read, he averred.

Continuing, he said: “For me, it is to follow God’s instruction. God told me, He has told a lot of His children what to do, but, they are finding it difficult to achieve them. So, for me, God want to use me to show possibilities- that things are possible.

“The story of Noah comes handy here, when God asked Noah to build an ark. An ark of that magnitude at that time, to bring in all the animals, no matter what you do, if it is in this age, you will need a lot of professors and other people to help with the vision- you will want to bring in their food and equally want to ensure the cat is not placed beside the rat. The bible recorded that, nobody supported him. The number of people that entered the ark were just eight.

“There has been a lot of condemnation from all over that a greater number of Christians are lazy, so we are hoping that God will use this exercise to affect lives and help a lot of people go back to the culture of bible reading,” he said.

Femi added that, it has been said that the bible can be read in 72 hours, but he needed to study it for six days because he had to create time to rest intermittently.


Femi Abati.

He noted that, it is his desire that as people read alongside with him, lives will be touched even those on the sick bed will receive their healing.

“No one in his right sense kills himself, I believe a word talks to them so, when the right word comes to you, it changes your whole being he said.

Asked how he has been able to put the resources to make the exercise a success, he said he got support from different people who want to see to the reality of the vision.

To watch the exercise live, join Femi Abati’s social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube @ AbatiFemi.

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