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International - January 7, 2019

Coup: Army seizes power in Gabon

Lt. Obiang making a speech.

Reports from Gabon indicates that, the country’s military has seized power.
According to the report, the military seized the state-owned radio station in the capital Libreville and a soldier read a speech, condemning President Ali Bongo’s new year speech.
The soldier identified as Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang announced the creation of a “National Restoration Council”, Radio France International reported.

RFI reported that the military had arrived at the office of the broadcaster at about 4 am local time. Tanks and armoured vehicles can be seen on the streets of the capital Libreville. Obiang said he was reading a communique on behalf of the army.
Stroke-hit Bongo is at present not in the country. Gabon’s President Ali Bongo Ondimba was hospitalised in Riyadh on 24 October. He is currently undergoing a recovery treatment in Morocco. President Ali Bongo took over power in 2009 from his father.

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