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PR specialist, Kalinda, unveils Echoes of Influence

Mimi Kalinda, Founder and CEO of Africa Communications Group (ACG), has launched her second book, “Echoes of Influence,” this is coming after nearly three decades on the global stage of strategic communication and personal transformation.

This pivotal guide explores how effective storytelling transcends traditional leadership techniques to help leaders engage, inspire, and enact significant change.

Drawing on her vast experience, Kalinda provides readers with practical advice, proven frameworks, and real-world examples to enhance their ability to communicate and forge deeper connections.

Inspired by the success and impact of ACG, Kalinda expanded her vision through the creation of Storytelling & Leadership (S&L), a platform dedicated to coaching and enabling leaders worldwide to integrate storytelling into their strategic approaches.

“Echoes of Influence” is more than a reflection of Kalinda’s professional journey—it is a comprehensive guide designed to empower leaders to enhance their influence and achieve substantial, lasting impacts. This book is about empowering you to lead with conviction and inspire action through your narrative.

Mimi Kalinda states, “Storytelling is the backbone of effective leadership. This book distills everything I’ve learned and witnessed about its power to not only convey a message but to stir hearts and move people to action. It’s crafted for leaders who want to leave a mark, who believe in the power of a well-told story to change the world.”

The book can be ordered from Amazon.

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