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International - May 5, 2017

OFBJP Nigeria celebrates hindu new year

By Daniels Ekugo

Overseas friends of BhartiyaJanta party (OFBJP) Nigeria Chapter, a voluntary and community organization of Non-Residence Indians living abroad and a support group of government of India’s policy and good governance.

This group associates with the ruling party of India, BhartiyaJanta Party (BJP) and works closely with Diplomatic Mission, Governments and Local Community in 41 countries worldwide.

OFBJP Nigeria Promotes People to People friendship and shares good governance and promotes social and economic policy that speaks about development agenda of government of India and contribution towards best international policies & practices.

OFBJP, Nigeria has been celebrating “Hindu NavVarsh, (Hindu New Year) continually for the last three years by the name of “Bhartiya Sanskriti Diwas Africa”.

On April 29, 2017, OFBJP Nigeria organised this event on Hindu New Year-2074 at Lekki Phase1, Geeta Ashram temple premises, where Indo-Naija cultural fusion were performed. More than 400 dignitaries among resident Indians and Nigerian citizens witnessed the celebration and dignitaries shared the information through dias.

All Smajam, head of different state wise group of India actively participated in the theme of “Patriotic personality from different states of India, regional heroes,  who had contributed toward the betterment of the society in the field of Independence War, Art, Science & Culture were portrait and discussed. An Indo-Nigerian art fusion was performed by student group, “Lightyear Entertainment” of University of Lagos department of Art and culture.

Mr. Vijay Chauthaiwale In-charge, foreign affairs department of BJP,  addressed the audience online on trade &cultural relation between India and Nigeria.

He urged all community & diplomatic mission to work together to make the world a better place.

On his address to the diaspora Indians, Sanjay Srivastava an entrepreneur , Convener& President- OFBJP Nigeria Chapter highlighted the recent transformation in Projects and Policies of Indian Government to reach out the last mile and last person of society through it’s various policies on health, hygiene, safety, industrial development, save girl child, peoples participation in projects, demonetization, make in India, digitalization, good governance , corruption free government among others have been demonstrated by ModiI government in the last three years and impacted in very good sentiment and positive movement on economy.

Other Indian social leaders present were Dr. Aniel Pulikan, Chief Mr. Anil Gopwani, Mr. Manu Lalwani, Mr. Vikas Kane, Dr. Bharat Pandey, Mr. Abhishek Srivasastav, Mr. Gagan, Mr. Sadyojat Shastri, Mr. HImanshu, Mr. Rahul, Mr. Dhiren, Mrs. Neetu, Mrs. Shweta, Mrs. Dipti Kane and Chief Dr. J Duggad.

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