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News - October 26, 2018

Lions club: The end of an era; the beginning of another

Members of District 404B2.

By Amechi Obiakpu

The transfer of leadership baton at the International Association of Lions Clubs District 404B2 Nigeria, on Sunday, September 16, 2018, lend credence to the fact that, a group made up of people from diverse background, culture and social status can carry out orderly and peaceful transfer of power after a seemless election of new leaders whilst focus on its collective goals.

The leadership transfer saw an enthronement of a new District Governor in Lion Modupe Christiana Dada (JP) and her team to serve District 404B2 Nigeria, in the 2018-2019 Lions Year.

Blessing Umebali (r) and a member.

Dada took over leadership from Lion Asiwaju Ayobola Samuel, who against all odds drove the membership strength of the District from 72 clubs with 1,605 members to 75 clubs with 1,715 members as at the middle of June, 2018.

According to Ayobola Samuel, the immediate past District Governor, it was not a smooth sailing all through.

“We encountered some challenges, but, rather than make us bitter, they made us better, because they brought out the best in us,” he said.

Narrating some of the achievements of the district, under his tenure, Samuel said: “we carried out a number of projects that touched the lives of the people in our various communities”. This, he said is in the spirit of our “We serve” motto.

“The world is full of men and women who have needs and are in search of those to help them carry or at least lighten their burden. The truth is that, people look unto the Lions club as well as unto the new leaders in the District for solutions and answers to some of their problems.

Another pix showing members of District 404B2.

In lending support to the new administration, Samuel said: “be rest assured that, in carrying out the task ahead, you will not be left alone, as we will continue to identify with you and your lofty programmes”.

In her acceptance speech, Lion Modupe Dada, said the last thing on her mind since she joined the International Association of Lions Clubs, about three decades ago, was holding any office. “But, as time went by, I was saddled with different responsibilities including the all important role of being the pioneer Cabinet Secretary of District 404B Nigeria before the bifurcation into B1 and B2; which position, among other important and strategic offices held, prepared me for a day such as this,” Modupe Dada said.

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