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Brands - March 18, 2024

Insight Redefini celebrates women’s impact on International Women’s Day 2024

Insight Redefini, West Africa’s largest integrated marketing communications group, serving some of the biggest brands in the region. With over 55% of its leadership as women, the leading communications company is taking inclusion further and rewriting the rules in an industry men continue to dominate.

International Women’s Day (IWD) isn’t just another date on the calendar for Insight Redefini; it’s a time to shine a spotlight on the phenomenal women shaping the integrated marketing communication industry every single day. This year, the IWD theme is simple, but powerful: “Inspiring Inclusion”, which Insight Redefini has taken as a call to celebrate the movers, shakers, and game-changers who refuse to accept the status quo.

Sure, historically, women have faced obstacles taller than Chappal Waddi, especially in fields traditionally dominated by men, but they are constantly breaking the barriers and tearing down walls faster than the speed of light.

Take a peek behind the scene at Insight Redefini, and you’ll find a powerhouse of women making waves. In fact, out of its stellar management team, a whopping 55% are fierce females leading the charge. They’re not just talking the talk; they’re strutting the walk!

In the wise words of the legendary Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, “Empowering women with equal education and opportunities is essential to uplift them from societal suppression and enable them to contribute efficiently alongside men in all aspects of life.” Can we get an amen to that?! This is definitely not just a mantra, but a way of life for Insight Redefini, even beyond the office walls.

Insight Redefini takes its mission to communities, or, in this case, to the classrooms. Recently, the team visited Marywood College, Ebutte-Metta, with a squad of their incredible women leaders whose stories were purely inspirational, igniting the spark in the hearts of the next generation.

Leading ladies like Oluwaseyi Layade, Chief Operating Officer at Leo Burnett Lagos; Esosa Osagiede, Creative Director at Insight Publicis; Oluwarantimi Olaniyan, COO and Head of Business at Quadrant MSL; and Omotayo Bakare, Chief Operating Officer at Digitas Nigeria. (All operating companies at Insight Redefini) are the real MVPs, proving that women don’t just belong; they thrive! Together, these women are shaping narratives, managing reputations, and fostering connections that matter for some of the world’s biggest brands doing business in the West African region.

As we steer towards a more inclusive future, Insight Redefini stands tall in its commitment to creating an environment where women lead and thrive.

So here is to the women who dare to dream, shattering ceilings and redefining possibility. Here’s to the women of Insight Redefini and beyond.

The future? It’s female, my friends. And together, we’re unstoppable.

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