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Business - October 12, 2018

Ford targets ‘accident’ warning vehicles


Vehicle manufacturer, Ford is testing connected vehicle technology that could alert drivers to an accident ahead moments after it has happened. Furthermore, the system can provide early warning that emergency vehicles are approaching – and which side of the road they should move towards to avoid being an obstruction.

The testing which is being done together with Vodafone, the consequences is of blocking the progress of emergency vehicles – and delaying their arrival at the scene of an accident – could prove fatal.

Experts believe that survival rates for road accident victims can be improved by as much as 40 per cent if they receive treatment just four minutes more quickly.

The system according to Ford is designed to create an “emergency corridor” along which fire engines, ambulances and police vehicles can reach their destinations more quickly; and is being trialled as part of  KoMoD  (Kooperative Mobilität im digitalen Testfeld Düsseldorf) – a €15 million project for the practical testing of new connected car technologies and automated driving.

Ford “Connected and automated driving are key technologies of the future. Ford has a long history of developing and testing vehicle to traffic infrastructure and vehicle to vehicle communications that can contribute to greater road safety and efficiency across the world. Together with Vodafone and in cooperation with the other companies involved, we will gain decisive insights on the Düsseldorf testing grounds to further advance the networking of vehicles,” said Gunnar Herrmann, CEO, Ford of Germany.

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