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International - November 5, 2018

Dont threaten us, Iran tells America

Mohammad Ali Jafari.

America has been told not to threaten Iran especially with its series of sanctions.

According to Reuters, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, sounded the warning in a speech in Sunday’s rally to warn Trump against overreaching when dealing with Tehran.

Three months after the return of the first wave of US sanctions, Iran is hours away from being hit with the second – and most impactful – round of measures which will forbid it from selling oil freely in the internationally market.

Unsurprisingly, the reimposition of the sanctions loomed large over Sunday’s rally, where protesters from all walks of life chanted in one voice the familiar anti-US slogan, “Death to America”.

“I want to say something to America and its weird president,” Jafari said.

“Never threaten Iran, because we can still hear the horrified cries of your soldiers in the [desert] … and you know it better, how many of your old soldiers in American society commit suicide every day because of depression and fear that they suffered in battlefields.

“So, don’t threaten us militarily and don’t frighten us with military threats,” he added.

Jafari said Trump’s attempts to defeat Iran were doomed to fail

Over the past year, Tehran has accused Trump of waging “economic warfare” and devastating its economy.

In his speech, Jafari assured the crowd that Trump’s attacks on Iran’s economy were a desperate attempt to defeat the republic – one doomed to fail.

But his optimistic tone stood in stark contrast to the widespread economic chaos Iran has endured during the past 12 months, including a nosedive in the value of its currency, a shake-up of President Hassan Rouhani’s economic team – which saw several senior ministers dismissed – and nationwide protests against price hikes and dire economic conditions.

Hostility towards Washington

Whether Tehran opts to remain committed to the 2015 nuclear deal or not, Iranians are angry and say the next US president may not be able to fix the relationship with their country that Trump has broken.

“My message to America is that many of their previous presidents before Trump took office and imposed many sanctions, also made many, announced their ‘options on the table,’ but nothing happened,” said one young woman who declined to give her name.

“As our supreme leader said, we’re seeing signs of America’s decline,” she added, referring to recent comments by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


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