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Entertainment - October 6, 2017

Nollywood: Akin Lewis advocate roundtable to grow industry

Mr. Akin Lewis, Nollywood actor.

Cross over Nollywood veteran, Akin Lewis has advocated for a roundtable to grow the movie industry from its present state. Atleast, he said that would be the first he would do if he is appointed in a place of authority.

Lewis who agreed that the industry has grown from where it used to be told News Express in an interview in Lagos that, “we are not yet in Eldorado, as more is still needed to be done”.

“I will love to see a situation where all stakeholders come together and discuss the plight of the industry.

“For me what I would do if appointed in a position of power, I will throw the question back at the people and ask them what they want, because they are in the industry and have a good knowledge of the happenings in the industry, the fallout from that we will inform my next action.”

He expressed his dissatisfaction present state of the industry noting that more is needed to be done. “I am not satisfied where we are, we are young and there is still a long way to go and a lot of things to learn, but we will get there,” he observed.

“It is a bit difficult to say where we should have been by now. Note that, this industry is motivated by money as well. Maybe if we have gotten money we would have gone beyond where we are now, I cannott say but then there are lots of problems, human and political, but the thing is that not to give up, with God on our side we will get there.

He said he would want Nollywood to be an industry where stakeholders who know what they are doing exist; Actors who know the business, directors who know what they are doing. Crew who know what they are called to do so when you are given a technical job, you can interpret it.

He however advised stakeholders in the industry to join hands and grow the industry.

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